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Windmills fold neatly around the root ball when you're hand digging. Efficiency and profitably are always important to any business. Help your nursery save time and money by choosing windmills over conventional wire baskets. Details on the specific size windmills we have available can be found below. Don’t forget to explore our Burlap Squares page to complete your windmill setup! Made with 11 gauge wire, windmills are shipped flat, 20 per bundle.

Small quantities can be shipped UPS.

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Product Details/Specifications:

Windmill Baskets View Sizing Chart
-  We Offer Two Styles of Windmills  
  • Standard
  • Wide loop


Simplify your efforts even further by using this tool. For further information on how to best utilize the tying tool in conjunction with your windmills, contact your local salesperson.

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