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Jute Erosion Control Matting

Stop erosion damage during hillside planting with jute erosion control matting! This coarse, open mesh fabric keeps soil in place until the plant material takes hold. Jute yarn is easy to apply and completely biodegradable. As a direct importer of this jute matting, we are able to be competitive on all size orders! This matting is the answer to your hillside planting erosion problems. There’s no need to just take our word for it though, here’s what one user of the matting had to say about their experience:

Jute Erosion Control Before and After


"...As you can see, before I laid it down I could not keep the dirt on the hill. The material lived up to its name and I had zero problems with erosion afterwards. The photo shows how well the grass grows "through" the woven design. The natural fiber outperformed the hay as far as water absorption and retention. The grass grew more consistently and quicker through the natural fiber vs. the hay. I think this material would outperform hay in every way, even on flat ground."

– Al Loosevelt

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Product Details/Specifications:

  • Width 4'
  • Length 225'
  • Square Feet 900

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