Nursery Division

Plain Burlap Windbreak

Keep a stock of the Daybag plain burlap windbreak rolls on hand to tackle projects and fulfill the needs that always arise. Our 100 yard burlap windbreak rolls are available Plain or Treated (rot resistant),  Heavyweight or Ultra Heavyweight material, as well as widths of 3', 4', 5', or 6'. These variable sizes, styles  and weights allow you to save money while having the right size of burlap for any of your assorted jobs.

Use the burlap windbreak rolls:

...for evergreen protection against the wind protection for your plants and shrubs from windburn a great deer deterant

...for protection from ice and snow build up

...and for so much more!

You may want to stock squares for your standard needs, while keeping a roll or two on hand for your special jobs.

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