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Pipeline Sandbags

Are you looking for sandbags for pipelines? If so, we can help. 

Dayton Bag and Burlap offers pipeline sandbags and can even deliver them to the job site. 

With the huge amount of growth and realignment of our pipeline infrastructures, there will also be a high demand for sandbags to help align and hold up pipeline projects that are in construction. 

Did you know: each pipeline can use up to 15,000 sandbags per mile to steady the pipeline and keep it stabilized before the trench is backfilled. On top of that, the number of projects keep increasing. The current count is estimated to be 223 active pipeline projects in different stages.

Each of the pipeline projects in the United States alone over the next 20-25 years will go over 35k miles, with a per project average of, get this, $3.9 billion dollars.

With that kind of a budget and an immense amount of pipeline sandbags needed, it is critical to reduce costs wherever possible. Let Dayton Bag and Burlap assist with high quality and great prices on our sandbags. Call us today!

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