Industrial Frequently Asked Questions

How many "standard" polypropylene sandbags are in a bale?


How much do they weigh?

90 lbs.

How many pounds do they hold?

50 lbs. capacity

How do you close them?

There is a tie string on the side.

How can you ship?

We can ship UPS Ground or Next Day Air.

How many bags do I need if covering an area X x X?

Bags required for 100 linear feet of wall:

Wall Height

Bags Required

1 ft.


2 ft.


3 ft.


What colors do you have available?

White, Orange, Olive Drab.

Do you have any bags in black?

The only bag we have in black is our CIA Day Bag

How much does the CIA Day Bag weigh?

44 lbs./100

What is the CIA Day Bag made out of?

The CIA Day Bag is a 12 Mil Black Reinforced – Multi Extruded Polyethylene. It is NOT Polypropylene and will NOT let the water run through. It is made from the same material used for pond liners and Land Fill covers – Made to last against the worst contaminants and weather!

What is the difference between burlap and polypropylene?

Burlap is a bio-degradable textile that will eventually disintegrate. Polypropylene is a plastic that will eventually shred.

Which bag is better?

Both bags are pretty comparable as far as performance is concerned. Some people prefer the plastic because they are lighter and less expensive. Some prefer burlap because they are environmentally friendly. Polypropylene is required by the Department of Defense – Burlap is required by GSA Supply.

How long will a sandbag last?

Both Burlap and Polypropylene sandbags will last up to 8 months to a year. But there are no guarantees, especially if they are sitting in the sun.

Can we print on Burlap or Polypropylene?

Yes - but it is a standard "press" print, not silk screening. We can print up to 2 colors.

How much extra is it to print?

We charge $155.00 per M or ($.155 each) on top of the Plain Bag price to print + the cost of plates.