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Top Uses of Burlap In Your Garden

Burlap is an amazing material and has tons of uses. On top of that, it's pretty cheap and readily available. Here are some of the top uses of burlap in a small garden.

Burlap is great for mulch. Once you've harvested an area of your garden, you can lay down a strip of burlap to cover that area. Laying down strips of burlap like this helps to limit the erosion of the soil as well and retain moisture. After all, the soil is the most important element of your garden and a simple piece of burlap can help protect it!

This is a great tip that's especially useful in the heat of the summer. In summer, when it's hot and typically more dry, you can lay a piece of burlap over freshly sown seeds. The burlap helps to keep the soil moist and the seeds from being washed away or uprooted by rain. It also helps to improve germination rates. This is more helpful for seeds that prefer a moist environment, but great overall. The burlap covering can also keep pesky birds from eating up your freshly-planted seeds!

You Can Buy Burlap In Bulk From DayBag!

You can buy burlap in bulk rolls. Lots of people need them for different things like for burlap table runners at weddings. 

If you need to buy bulk burlap, we have what you need. We offer the following stock widths that we cut our burlap rolls to: 36", 40", 45", 48", 54", 60", 72"

However we can custom cut burlap rolls to whatever size you need down to 2" in width. The minumum yardage we sell is 100 yards in up to 1000 yard burlap rolls.

If you need to buy bulk burlap in the Midwest or anywhere else in the United States, you've come to the right place!

Do it yourself burlap table runner for weddings are great and cheap to buy. DIY weddings that use bulk burlap rolls for many different things are growing in popularity in recent years. We can provide what you need for your rustic wedding.

Of course, when your wedding is over, you can re-use that burlap in many different ways, perhaps in your home garden, in arts and crafts projects, or for other weddings of friends and family.


Burlap Is A Crucial Component Of Ghillie Suits

Ghillie suits are a method of concealment used by hunters and snipers for centuries. They let them get closer to their prey. The concept of a ghillie suit goes all the way  back to when Native Americans had the continent all to themselves and they would disguise themselves in the local fauna so they could get closer to their prey for a better shot with their bow and arrow.

The idea is something of an optical illusion. Our eyes bascially look for the outline of a shape to detect something like a human body or an animal. If the outline isn't there it's very hard for us to detect that thing. A ghillie suit works on this principle and breaks up the outline of the body. It does this by using things like leaves, grass, twigs and strips of burlap, sometimes taken from burlap bags. These are added to the suit in a random, haphazard fasion, imitating the chaotic design of nature. You don't want anything too uniform.

A ghillie suit can end up making you look like a monster or something out of this world, perhaps a Bigfoot or a Wookie from Star Wars. But that's only when you're out in the open. When wearing such a suit in the wilderness, you blend in so well that you're virtually invisible.

What Can You Do With Burlap Coffee Bags?

There's tons you can do with burlap coffee bags. First off you can display burlap bags as art. You can tack them right up on a wall and use some sort of cool printing on them. You can group up a bunch of bags together in an artistic formation.

You can also frame a coffee bag. Look for a frame that and matting that complements the bag. Put it somewhere prominent that will get a lot of looks like your kitchen or living room. Use it as a center piece.

You could also fill the burlap bags with old newspapers so it makes it look like they're full of coffee beans. Then put then in a window as display art. You can also add use cargo boxes for a nice touch.

You can decorate a chair with burlap coffee bags as well. Just use a staple gun to affix pieces of burlap to the chair and upholster it. Then use upholstery tacks to cover up the staples.

Another idea is to make sofa pillows out of them. First wash the burlap bags in baby detergent - this gets the any coffee smell they may have out of them (if buying new from Dayton Bag & Burlap you won't have to do this). Then dry them out and fill them with poly fiberfill. Stich the bags shut and you've got some very attractive burlap pillows!

Filled Burlap Bags / Sandbag Workout Routines

We've talked about burlap bags used in workout routines before, but it's a subject that has quite a lot of depth to it. Basically, sandbags made of burlap are great for working out - you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time!

The benefits may not be obvious at first, but the first thing to jump out at you might be the price of your workout gear. A simple burlap bag filled with sand might run you, oh... a couple of bucks MAXIMUM! Storage is easy as well - you can just toss it in a closet, under your bed, in the basement, pretty much anywhere. You can also take the sandbag with you wherever you want to work out. Want to work out at the beach? Cool, keep a filled sandbag in your trunk and you have a portable gym. Not to mention the fact that those in the colder climates might need some extra weight in the backs of their cars in the winter (typically that's only for rear-wheel drive vehicles, but still).

Sandbags as a workout tool are very, very versatile. You can train just about any muscle, from lower body to your core, to arms or for interval training. They're pretty easy to use as well, there's not a lot of time you'll invest in how to lift or carry a sandbag. 

Using Burlap Sandbags As Workout Tool!

Burlap bags have a great many uses, as we've outlined on this blog in other posts. However the single biggest use of burlap bags is as sandbags. And of course sandbags are primarily used for emergency flood response, to line the flood waters and protect towns or houses against flood damage.

But did you know that there are many workout that incorporate the use of a sandbag? It's true! Tons of strength and fitness coaches recommend the sandbag and feel that is in an invaluable tool to build up muscle and bulk. 

Some fitness coaches argue that because of it's odd and bulky shape that it isn't a good tool for workouts. However, the proponents of it say quite the opposite; that because of it's unbalanced weight distribution that it is a great addition to a workout. It's more primal and simulates real-world strength-building techniques. 

The key here is that the sandbag is unstable, having to struggle to carry it is one of the main mechanics. If different muscles have to work to carry it at odd angles or when the weight shifts, this adds to muscle confusion and gives a better workout. Sandbags made with burlap bags are unbalanced and oddly shaped, which leads to a different workout every time. 

Burlap Bags / Coffee Bags Can Be Used As a Garden Planter

Burlap bags are so handy for many different things, including storing dry goods like coffee beans. In fact, they've become used so much for storing coffee beans that they're actually called coffee bags by many people!

However, coffee bags aren't just for storing coffee beans! Used burlap  bags / coffee bags can be used as make-shift pots and look great in your yard, too.

Follow these steps to create your own Coffee Bag Garden Planter

How To Cut Burlap In A Straight Line

We've decided to re-use some of the content found over on our sister site, Daybag Outlet. On that site we have The Burlap Blog where we talk about the many different uses of burlap; in gardening, arts and crafts, landscaping, around the house and more. Many people have found that content useful so we'll post it here as well. If you ever have ideas on unique uses of burlap, by all means let us know!


With all of the crafting and decorating ideas that we're planning to provide for you, we thought it made sense to start by giving you the secret to cutting your burlap pieces straight and evenly. This will help you in some of the creative burlap projects that we feature.

The texture of burlap actually makes cutting a straight line very easy to do, simply because it's woven out of strings, which are made from plants.

First, choose the size of the burlap piece that you would like to use for your project.  Next, determine the length of the burlap you wish to cut. Mark your cut with a pencil, and then gently pull out one of the fabric stands at your pencil mark to create a little gap between the piece you'll be using and the rest of your burlap. Use that little gap as a guide for your scissors to follow while you cut your burlap staight down the line.

Sack Races With Burlap Bags

Burlap bags are great for use in what is called sack races. You may remember this from your youth although it isn't quite as popular as it used to be. Here's all about what sack races are (text taken from our sister site at

You remember. You stuck your right leg in a burlap bag and your uncle stuck his left leg in the same sack—together you feverishly hopped toward the glory of the finish line at the family reunion. Well the sack race is back!

There are numerous variations to sack racing rules. Here are just a few suggestions for you—but half of the fun of these games is putting your own spin on the rules! So get out there and be creative!

Individual Sack Race:

To play you need one burlap bag for each individual participant. The more people racing, the more fun it is.

Participants will run to the sack, put both feet in and begin hopping toward the finish line.

Contestants must keep both feet in sack and at least one hand on the sack at all times.

The sack must remain as close to the waist as possible and should not fall below the knees.

The first racer to the finish line wins.

Relay Race:

To play you need one burlap bag for each participant or team. The more people racing, the more fun it is.

How To Use Sandbags Part 3 - Ringing Boils With Sandbags

The following is from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They have a complete and thorough guide called, Flood Fighting: How To Use Sandbags. They have granted permission for us to post this and we thought it was a VERY informative guide on how to use sandbags (typically burlap bags). So thanks to them for this great information so here's part two: