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What is Burlap?

Jun. 19th, 2014

What is burlap fabric exactly? Well for starters, burlap is a material, typically woven from the skins of plants, that contains strong fibers. The fibers are then manufactured and products such as fabric rolls, bags, rugs and ropes are created.

Burlap fabric is likely most familiar as being a sacking material, where one might see it as coffee, rice or potato sacks. Or harken back to yesteryear, where childhood sack races were a common activity in the warmer months. Burlap fabric has recently popularized due to it being an eco-friendly material that is a versatile home and garden product.

In the garden, burlap can be used to protect seedlings, control erosion or shade plants from sun and wind. Also, due to its resistance to condensation and its breathability, burlap fabric is great as a wet covering for cement and concrete. Another great application is using burlap to protect crops from both weather and wildlife.

In the home, burlap fabric is great for crafts, needlework, wall hangings and other decorating projects. Many people have taken to crafting many home furnishings that are as inexpensive as they are tasteful.

Dayton Bag & Burlap carries an affordable assortment of burlap fabric and supplies, as well as bags and twine. You can use our fabrics and supplies to create rustic table runners, wreaths, personalized party favor bags, and anything else your crafty mind can conjure.