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What Can You Do With Burlap Coffee Bags?

Jul. 13th, 2012

There's tons you can do with burlap coffee bags. First off you can display burlap bags as art. You can tack them right up on a wall and use some sort of cool printing on them. You can group up a bunch of bags together in an artistic formation.

You can also frame a coffee bag. Look for a frame that and matting that complements the bag. Put it somewhere prominent that will get a lot of looks like your kitchen or living room. Use it as a center piece.

You could also fill the burlap bags with old newspapers so it makes it look like they're full of coffee beans. Then put then in a window as display art. You can also add use cargo boxes for a nice touch.

You can decorate a chair with burlap coffee bags as well. Just use a staple gun to affix pieces of burlap to the chair and upholster it. Then use upholstery tacks to cover up the staples.

Another idea is to make sofa pillows out of them. First wash the burlap bags in baby detergent - this gets the any coffee smell they may have out of them (if buying new from Dayton Bag & Burlap you won't have to do this). Then dry them out and fill them with poly fiberfill. Stich the bags shut and you've got some very attractive burlap pillows!

You could also use burlap coffee bags in your garden. Did you know you can stop weeds with them? They can be used as a weed barrier. To do so, overlap some bags on top of the soil and then put wood chips over them. Eventually the burlap bags will decompose - typically in a couple of years but it depends on the dampness. This will prevent weeds from germinating. You can cut holes for your plants.

Lastly you can make a new raised garden bed without having to dig or build a frame for it. It's a method called sheet mulching and here's how it works. First pick a spot for your raised garden bed. Place pieces of damp cardboard on that spot, then pile two feet of grass clippings, compost, chopped leaves etc. on top of that. Finally put burlap bags on top to sort of hold everything together. Now, after about six months or so everything will have decomposed quite nicely and you'll have a nice new raised garden bed.

As you can see there's many cool things you can do with coffee bean burlap bags.  If you're looking for wholesale burlap bags to use for these sorts of projects, we can certainly accomodate! We have bulk burlap bags for sale, printed burlap bags - pretty much anything you need related to burlap.