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Using burlap to prevent weeds

Jun. 07th, 2018

Weeds can become quite a nuisance when it comes to gardening, as they can quickly take over your garden if the problem is not quickly addressed.  It can seem like a daily task just to make sure your garden is clear of weeds.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about those annoying weeds?

While burlap has an abundance of uses around the garden, one helpful trick is to use burlap to prevent weeds from growing.  It is a fairly simple process.  Before you start, you will still want to do your pre-planting preparation, like laying down good, nutrient-rich soil.  Next, put a layer of straw down on top of the soil to help keep the moisture in.  After that, place your burlap on top of the straw.  It helps if you use landscaping staples to help hold the burlap in place.

The next step is to figure out where you want to plant your seeds.  Using a sharp object like a thick nail or awl (punch), poke a few holes in the burlap where you want to plant your seeds.  Make sure that your hole is wide enough to allow the stem of the plant to grow.  Then place your seeds inside the holes making sure that the seed is deep enough that is goes beyond the straw and nestles into the soil.

Not only does burlap help prevent weeds from growing, it is also great for the germination of seeds, especially in the mid-summer months.  Burlap helps by keeping the soil moist and keeping heat locked in.  It also helps protect the seeds from being washed away by rain, or being eaten by varmints.

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