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Top Uses of Burlap In Your Garden

Jun. 14th, 2013

Burlap is an amazing material and has tons of uses. On top of that, it's pretty cheap and readily available. Here are some of the top uses of burlap in a small garden.

Burlap is great for mulch. Once you've harvested an area of your garden, you can lay down a strip of burlap to cover that area. Laying down strips of burlap like this helps to limit the erosion of the soil as well and retain moisture. After all, the soil is the most important element of your garden and a simple piece of burlap can help protect it!

Uses of Burlap in your Garden

This is a great tip that's especially useful in the heat of the summer. In summer, when it's hot and typically more dry, you can lay a piece of burlap over freshly sown seeds. The burlap helps to keep the soil moist and the seeds from being washed away or uprooted by rain. It also helps to improve germination rates. This is more helpful for seeds that prefer a moist environment, but great overall. The burlap covering can also keep pesky birds from eating up your freshly-planted seeds!

Wrap your plants in a blanket of burlap! That's right, lots of plants "like" being wrapped up in a nice burlap roll. This isn't just for the winter months, but also if you're trying to grow plants that are on the edge of your hardiness zone. The burlap wrapping doesn't keep them warmer; it's about the cold wind whipping through and removing the moisture from them. Another bonus: the burlap wrap keeps animals like deer from nibbling away at the plants.

Of course one of the top uses of burlap in the garden is to cover up the roots of plants while they're being transplanted. This is how you'll usually see them in stores before they're purchased. If you ever have to transplant a plant, you can wrap up the root ball and keep it all together, containing the moisture and the soil all together.

What other uses have you found for burlap rolls in a garden?