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Preparing For Erratic Weather

Oct. 01st, 2019

Recent Flooding

Heavy rains are headed through the middle of the country right now, bringing with them flash flood watches. The excessive rain can cause a variety of issues from home and business damage, closed schools and farmers not being able to properly work their fields. In severe cases the overflow of local rivers and lakes can also cause streets and cars to be covered with water. 

In spite of all the rain, there are a couple ways that companies and farmers can prevent damages from the flooding. One of the best ways to do so is through the use of sandbags. These bags are most commonly made out of burlap or woven polypropylene. Burlap, being made out of grass like plants with fibrous stocks, are very absorbent. Thus, making them very useful when trying to prevent water flow through an area. These natural fibers are both biodegradable and recyclable.

Uses for Sandbags

A large use of burlap bags comes from the agricultural industry. Most farmers use these bags to keep moisture out of their products and in good condition. Due to the abundant amounts of rain, it is vital that farmers have reliable storage for their goods and a way to keep water out of their barns. Since burlap is a strong and inexpensive option for packaging, it makes it a prime commodity for storing and transporting goods.

Construction companies are also large users of sandbags. Here, they use burlap for multiple reasons such as curing concrete, transporting sand and concrete, and keeping water out of certain areas during the construction process. Again, the absorbent material along with the sand inside the bag, catch any water before it can get to a structure. With the large amounts of rainfall that has recently taken place, it is crucial for construction companies to make use of burlap sandbags to protect their structures that may not be fully developed yet. 

Due to its durability and strong material, burlap sacks are also used by the military. Filled with sand or soil, these bags are adequate for dispersing energy. Therefore, the bags can absorb the impact of a bullet and even bombs. The bags are also used to keep soldiers dry when they dig trenches or to keep their camps dry when in combat. 

Be Prepared

Although water is hard to contain, Dayton Bag and Burlap has worked hard to provide a product capable of withstanding the hardships that Mother Nature may bring. With innovative technology, Dayton Bag and Burlap has the perfect bag for every situation. Don’t let the water ruin your hard work! Check out our various sandbag offerings to make sure you're ready for any situation that comes your way!