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Sep. 30th, 2014

Little Facts with Big Repercussions Regarding Treated Burlap

Burlap is treated with an antimicrobial fungicide (pesticide).
The chemical used to treat burlap, giving it a rot resistant quality, must be registered for the treatment of burlap with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
Imported or domestically treated burlap, brought or sold in the USA and marketed as a product treated to preserve the material must have a verifiable EPA registration number, otherwise it is illegal. 
Products treated with a pesticide are regulated by the EPA’s Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

FIFRA explains in great detail the regulations governing treated products including textiles and how these regulations are enforced. 

We were compelled to add this message to our web site in an effort to inform and protect our customers.

Starting April 1st, 2005, the chemical manufacturers registration number will appear on all of our treated product tags. Federal law does not require us to include this number, however, we feel it is important information for our customers. It will also distinguish our product from other materials in the marketplace that may not be in compliance.

Our environmental consciousness extends beyond supplying our customers with approved products. We also comply with air quality standards. On August 9th, 2002, we received our Ohio EPA permit to operate a multi stage Scrubbing System for our treating operation.

Environmental stewardship, our products, services and the safety/security of our employees are areas we will not compromise.