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Burlap Curtains

Aug. 12th, 2021
Looking for a cheap and easy way to create your very own no-sew burlap curtains? Burlap curtains can give your home a rustic and inviting feel, and you can create your own in no time at all!
Before you get started, you’ll need to grab a few things: some burlap (about 3 1/2 yards per panel, depending on the size of your window), scissors, pins, an iron, and some stitch witchery.
Grab your burlap and lay it out flat. If your burlap has any wrinkles in the material, you can get rid of them with a steam iron.
Now you’ll want to create a hem by grabbing the end of your burlap and folding it over a length of stitch witchery, making sure to leave enough room for your curtain rod to fit through.
Pin the edges of your fold to help hold the hem for now. 
To get your stitch witchery to adhere, use your iron on the hem above the stitch witchery and make a single, slow pass over your hem. If your witchery doesn’t adhere in an area, make another pass over the area.
Repeat this step for the curtain for the other side of the window. 
For some additional flair, if you have any matching rope, cloth or twine on hand, you can tie it loosely on each curtain, positioning it where you think it looks best.
Grab your curtain rod and feed it through the hems on both curtains.
Now, the only thing you have left is to do is to put up your newly crafted curtains and marvel at how amazing they look!