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Burlap Bags / Coffee Bags Can Be Used As a Garden Planter

Jun. 18th, 2012

Burlap bags are so handy for many different things, including storing dry goods like coffee beans. In fact, they've become used so much for storing coffee beans that they're actually called coffee bags by many people!

However, coffee bags aren't just for storing coffee beans! Used burlap bags / coffee bags can be used as make-shift pots and look great in your yard, too.

Follow these steps to create your own Coffee Bag Garden Planter

  1. Choose your planter's location (against a tree, shrub or the side of your house or shed) and place the coffee bag there.
  2. Fold / roll down the bag's opening to the height that you want the planter to be. This is great for plants that hang over the edge, because the folded edge isn't as harsh or rough on the plant as other pots or containers.
  3. You'll need to evenly fill the sack with either pre-dampened, all-purpose potting soil, or 1/2 full with garden soil and the rest with potting soil. Because the burlap coffee bag holds in moisture but drains out the excess water, you won't have to worry about the drainage.
  4. Now simply plant your little seedlings like normal and care for them as usual. 

You can even experiment a little by cutting some slits into the sides of the bag and planting seedlings so they fill out the sides and peak out of the slits.

We hope this was informative, but if you have any questions about the usage of burlap bags, let us know!