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3 Things You Should Know About Burlap

Aug. 08th, 2018
  1. Burlap is made from the jute plant.
    Burlap is a woven cloth made from the skin of the jute plant, grown primarily in India. The jute plant grows to between 10 and 12 feet high and consists of light green leaves 4 to 6 inches long and yellow flowers. The jute plant is also biodegradable, edible, and is used to make a multitude of items such as rope, nets and similar products.
  2. Burlap is considered a “breathable” fabric.
    Burlap is resistant to condensation, meaning that its contents are not able to absorb moisture. Because of this, burlap has been used to make all kinds of sacks and bags for the purpose of shipping goods such as coffee. It is also very durable, perfect for the severities it may endure while transporting goods from port to port.
  3. Burlap’s characteristics allow for many uses.
    Because of its durability and resistance to condensation, burlap proves to be not only an accountable tool in crafting but a stylish one as well. Considering burlap’s ability to maintain goods, DIY coffee bags can be a practical project for at-home use or can even be paired with an elegant label to serve as wedding favors for your guests.

Burlap’s environmental friendliness along with its resistant characteristics make for a powerful combination. For more information on the benefits and various uses of burlap, contact the expert team at Dayton Bag & Burlap today!