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Sue Spiegel or Mia Richards
or 937-258-8000
Sue: 937-776-9592
Mia: 937-269-5762

Don't limit yourself to purchasing burlap bag sizes from fancy catalogs that don't fit your needs! When you buy directly from the manufacturer, you get the size you want while cutting your costs. If Dayton Bag & Burlap Co. does not have your requested size in stock, we will manufacture almost any size burlap bag you want!

Going Green? Dayton Bag & Burlap Co. is one of few companies to handle used burlap bags. We always keep truckloads of clean, reusable, used burlap bags on the premises for multiple purposes.

New Industrial Burlap Bags
"NEW" Industrial Burlap Bags
Uncoated and Coated Polypropylene Parts Bags with Drawstrings
  Extrusion Coated HI-UVI Polypropylene Parts Bags
with or w/o Tiestrings
Specialty Features on Polypropylene and Textile Bags
Specialty Features on Polypropylene & Textile Bags