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Burlap Products Department

Nobody has more burlap on the floor than Dayton Bag & Burlap Co. Whether you are looking to buy burlap in bales, bags, or rolls, we have just what you are looking for.


Burlap Bale Goods
Bale Goods

All Widths & Constructions Available
Treated Burlap
Plain & Treated Burlap

Natural & Treated for Rot & Mildew Proofing
Burlap Rolls
Burlap Rolls

100 to 1000 Yard Rolls
All Widths in Stock
Burlap Bags
Burlap Bags

Several Stock Sizes Available
Sandbags, Sand Bags
Burlap Sandbags

Plain & Treated
Burlap Constructions Products
Burlap Construction Products
Burlap Squares
10 ounce Burlap Squares & Rectangles
Burlap Laminated to 3 Mil Clear Polyethylene
Burlap-Laminated to 3 Mil Clear Polyethylene

Used Burlap Bags
Recycled/Once Dumped Burlap Coco & Coffee Bags
Custom Burlap Manufacturing
Custom Printing Available

Up to 2-4 Colors
Burlap Manufacturing Facility
Burlap Manufacturing Virtual Reality Tour