Need Emergency Sandbags? After Hours, Weekends & Holidays call Sue at 937-776-9592 or Mia at 937-269-5762 [ View Video ]

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Sue Spiegel or Mia Richards
or 937-258-8000
Sue: 937-776-9592
Mia: 937-269-5762

Sue Spiegel's Super Scooper

In the past, emergency workers have been forced to work in pairs to fill sandbags. One person to shovel, while the second person holds the bag open. Now, the "Sue Spiegel Super Scooper" is designed to hold the sandbag open while ONE PERSON fills the bag with a scoop and tilt motion.

Save time and money with the sandbag scooper $39.95 each.

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Sue Spiegel's Super Scooper
Super Scooper Bag Filler